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Soybean... what a gem.

By Jeff C. Wilmington, DE reviewed January 2012 on

I've been eating here since the restaurant first opened, and I've been back many, many times. I'm not a big reviewer but I felt like this restaurant deserved some due credit. Every time I visit family I have at LEAST one meal at Soybean. When you step inside the first thing you'll notice is an elegant bamboo forest feel. Almost like walking through the wardrobe into narnia. It's somewhat magical but not overdone. This is fancy enough for a date night and chill enough for a casual night out with the friends. There is a compact bar in the front with an attractive flat screen TV if you're just in the mood for something laid back. The food is reasonably priced and the portions are substantial. The main cuisine is Thai with some japanese dishes. I've tried the pad thai, pad see yew, pad kee mao, sushi pizza, tom yum soup... and can say that all the standard dishes(I only try standard dishes at thai/viet restaurants) were pleaasantly flavorful. The lunch special is a pretty good deal and I like the amount of choices you have. Tofu, beef, shrimp, chicken, gluten free... you can customize your order however you want. Service is fast and friendly. What's really admirable is that the owner, dressed in plain clothes, often comes out and helps with the tables. How often do you see that at a restaurant? I've been across the country when it comes to restaurants, so I've tried everything from jersey Hoagie Havens to nawlens jambalaya to the Midnight Express in ATL to The House in San Francisco . If I had to pick a must try in Delaware, Soybean Asian Grill is IT!


Always good. Give it a try.

Reviewed February 11, 2012 on TripAdvisor

I've been here 4 or 5 times over the past year, and it has been consistently good. I actually took the time to have this restaurant added to Tripadvisor if that says anything. I usually get an appetizer, a beer or two, and an entree. Everyone is also very nice, which is always a bonus. The last time I went I got the Pad Thai as my entree - which came with crushed nuts and a lemon wedge. There was so much going on for one plate but it all went together perfectly. I've had Thai, and also Indian, dishes that have all the rich and exotic ingredients present but they just don't blend well. Soybean knows how to make the opposite happen. I have also tried the Panang Curry entree which has just a hint of lime. Obviously it is also delicious. I've had more entrees but these two are the ones I feel I could remember the best. I always bring some leftovers home too, so the portions are good sizes.



By Richard Hughes from Wilmington, November, 2010

In Pike Creek shopping center there is a wonderful restaurant, "Soybean Asian Grille". They have authentic Thai dishes as well as some Malaysian and Chinese. The service is excellent as the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. The kitchen is under constant scrutiny by the owner, Peter Chen and his Thai Chef. Peter is very hands on as he not only supervises but prepares the dishes ordered. Peter is from Malaysia where his family own and operate their family restaurant. He has dedicated himself to putting out quality food for a reasonable price. They have delicious curry dishes that can be prepared with chicken, shrimp or beef. Also a variety of noodle dishes like Pad Thai, Pad See You or Pad Kee Mao. All their dishes can be made as spicy (or mild) as you want. It is especially nice to get a dish that uses Thai basil. The flavor is very enticing and keeps you wanting for more.

I recommend Soybean for anyone that likes not only Thai food but a great restaurant experience.
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By jbratton3442 from MetroMix Delaware, March, 2010

“I love this place and would recommend it to everyone even if you think you don't like Thai food. This place is a strip mall gem. The staff is super friendly and attentive. The food is fresh and flavorful and the atmosphere is relaxing almost spa like. One of my favorite dishes is the green curry, it's amazing. They have a nice little tea selection too, which is served in a traditional heavy iron pot. The prices are great too. Two people can have dinner with apps and drinks for around $60”

“A very nice place to have a relaxed lunch or dinner. Reasonable price, pleasant service and most of all, delicious food. ”

Fresh and tasty food!

By Jessica - Google Reviews - Mar, 2010

I love this place! Great atmosphere, fresh and tasty food and super friendly staff. The green curry is amazing and the tea selection is great.

Amazing food and they make you feel welcome

By Aashish - Google Reviews - Dec, 2009

I love the food.. the thai special fried rice is to die for, and the spring rolls are just delicious.. the staff is so friendly that you feel like someone special everyone you go in.

Tasty food and great service

By Catherine W - Google Reviews - Apr, 2009

The best Thai food in the area. Delicious food (especially good pad thai), friendly and fast service, and a wonderful restaurant atmosphere.

The Soy Bean Asian Grill

By JoAnn C. - Insider Pages - Mar, 2009

This is a very nice place to dine. The atmosphere is very calming. The Thai food is to die for! And so are the other dishes. Service is tops, bar none. The hostess is very gracious and pleasant. All in all a very nice dining experience.

Great Southeast Asian Food!!

By Jared, Metroguide, Wilmington - Aug, 2008

Best Indonesian / Malaysian / Thai restaurant in the area! I've tried them all, have travelled to Asia extensively, and there are a couple of good places in Del but I love Soybean. Authentic yet "American friendly" enough with good.